Cyber Snipa Silencer


Cyba Snipa Silencer Review


For the professional, there’s one component of the gaming world that arguably stands out above the rest in importance. You can always disable anisotropic filtering and drop the resolution if you want to claw back a few extra frames each second, but the precision and effective “frame-rate” of your mouse will always be limited by the technology in which you invest.

It’s with this in mind that we now set out to put Cyber Snipa’s latest offering, the Silencer, to the test. These fine folks from down under are a worldwide player in the market for high-end gaming peripherals. Is their newest laser-guided rodent truly one to live up to its name and silence the critics? Let’s find out.


  • Impressive 5000 DPI for maximum precision
  • 7 modes each with 9 macro-programmable buttons
  • DPI-switch allows you to switch between 4 setting on the fly
  • Changeable side grips to suit your comfort preference


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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