Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2


Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2 Continued


On the underside are several small rubber feet that hold the gamepad in place on your desk. The last thing you want is it sliding around on the desk during a heavy frag session.

Rubber Feet
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Another noticeable feature on the underside of the board is the hinge at the top of the wrist rest. This allows you to remove and re-attach it should you want to.

Wrist Rest Hinge
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Near the “top” end of the gamepad there are two LEDs that turn on when the USB cable is connected. There is also a switch on the top right corner which allows manual control of whether they are on or off.

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Blue LED
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LED Switch
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At the top of the gamepad is a third LED, this time in the center of a “snipa” site.

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Installation of the Gamepad was the easiest install of any gameboard I have ever tested. You plug it in, tell it to search for drivers, it finds them within seconds, installs them and you are done. There was no need to restart, unplug then plug in again; it just worked. I could immediately load up any game and use it with no problems at all.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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