Corsair Vengeance M60

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Physical Features

The Corsair M60 is visually striking mouse, with a brushed aluminium chassis that looks sharp and dangerous.


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The top of the mouse contains the left and right mouse buttons and a metallic scroll wheel with a rubberised surface. Below the scroll wheel, there are also two smaller buttons for adjusting the mouse’s DPI, as well as a light which reflects the current DPI setting.


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The left side of the mouse contains the additional buttons of the M60: two buttons which are by default mapped to back and forward, and a larger red which instigates sniper mode when held. Each button can be retasked in the included software.


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The right side of the mouse is left with a blank flank; no buttons or features here.


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The bottom of the mouse contains that high-spec 5700 DPI sensor and a panel for accessing the removable weights. Unlike most other mice which only include weights in a single area, the M60’s weights are designed to allow changing the mouse’s balance and come in three sections, i.e. you can make it top or bottom heavy, which makes some actions quicker than others. You could accomplish a similar thing through software, but it’s an interesting addition.

There are also a number of ‘Glide Pads’, which is presumably a fancy term for mouse feet. These are mounted on the rather shiny brushed aluminium chassis, which gives the mouse a very durable look and feel.


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The mouse also comes with some rather wonderful instructions, with the following steps:

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Plug in the mouse
  3. Download and install the software
Thanks, Corsair – you really made that difficult process easy to understand. Seriously though, it’s a nicely done instruction manual, if a little needless for most.

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The M60 comes with the same software as most other members of the Corsair Vengeance family (except the K60, which needs no software). You’re able to re-assign each of the mouse’s buttons from the ‘Assign Buttons’ panel, as you’d expect, with options for simple key presses, OS functions and a variety of playback controls.


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The next section, Manage Performance, allows you to to test the quality of your mousing surface and change settings like lift height and response rate. The four DPI settings (low, mid, high, sniper) can also be set here.


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Finally, there’s a profile section for switching between different profiles, so you could theoretically have different profiles for each game you play and have it switch automatically. Pretty cool.


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Now, onto the real meat of this review: testing.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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Corsair Vengeance M60

  1. amy says:

    Overall, the mouse is awesome. I love how it feels. The form fits nicely into the hand and my hands are somewhat large. For my first gaming mouse, it is a winner.

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