Corsair Vengeance K90

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The first tab is termed ‘Assign Keys’ and is the meat of the keyboard software suite. On the left is a visualĀ representationĀ of the macro keys. If you click on any of them, you can see which macros are assigned. Keys that have macros assigned to them are highlighted in teal, so you can also see which keys are free for binding. You can also change profiles here by clicking the picture M1, M2 or M3 buttons, or by pressing these buttons on the keyboard.

You assign a key by pressing the ‘MR’ (macro record) button on the keyboard, the G key you want to assign the macro to, and then the keys that you want the macro to be made up of. This is pretty easy to do quickly. You can also make macros in the software by selecting common actions (e.g. copy, paste, find, launch program, lock PC). The delays in each macro are also customisable – 50 ms by default, but can also be ignored or set to have a random delay time.

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard

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Once the macro is recorded, you can also set what happens when you press down the macro key. By default, the macro will be performed once, but you can also set it to be performed a set number of times, to be performed as long as the key is held down, or to be performed until the key is pressed again. This gives you good flexibility in the macros that you can construct. Another option is the hardware playback option; once checked, this will ensure the macros are played back in hardware so that they bypass software macro checks which are common in many games.

Finally, you can change the brightness level of the keyboard here, as well as switch to other Vengeance peripherals that are plugged in (as they all run from the same program).

The second tab is the Manage Profiles tab, which is quite bare. You can save, load, import and export profiles; pretty much what you’d expect.

Corsair K-80 Mechanical keyboard

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Now that’s concluded, let’s have a look at how this keyboard performs.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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Corsair Vengeance K90

  1. amythompson172 says:

    This keyboard is amazingly good- nearly flawless design, and great combination of key switch. Yes, I don’t care about what people is nagging on the issue of “not full mechanic.” Let me tell you this: You won’t care whether it’s full mechanic or not, because all you will notice about this keyboard is how great the handling in design is. And it’s beautiful like some kind of art piece as well.

    The only problem: the software is damn hard to use. Already sent a mail to Corsair to complain about it. They replied that they are still working on it and will release it as soon as possible. Well, hope so.

    Anyway, great product to buy. Worth it.

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