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It can be difficult to test any type of non-electronic peripheral, since there’s rarely a standard by which to set them. Nevertheless, I tried my best. Since it’s a gaming mouse mat, I decided to test it out by gaming and a bit of normal PC use.

I used the CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance mouse in order to test this mouse mat. With a variety of DPI options and a variable weight, I could get a semi-decent idea of what it might be like for various types of user.



I find the best way to gauge something is to jump straight in. First things first, I fired up Minecraft and jumped on a server. Immediately I noticed a bit of drag on my mouse, despite its smooth feet. It wasn’t much of a nuisance but I had to switch my DPI up to 5600 to compensate (I’m used to 3600 DPI).

Playing around on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, the drag was far more than noticeable, and actually affected my game somewhat. It felt like my reactions were sluggish, which makes those split-second decisions quite difficult when you can’t turn round a corner fast enough to escape whomever is shooting you in the neck.

It took a while to get used to the drag, but once I acclimatised to the difference between this and my previous gaming surface, I found myself switching into a more natural swinging motion. I turned down my DPI to a much lower setting and I was getting a lot more precise and speedier reactions by putting a lot more effort with my mouse-hand than I normally do.


This is where cloth mouse mats really shine through. As I mentioned on the product page, the reverse side of the Deskpad is a 3mm thick rubber base. I draped the mat over the edge of my table just enough so that I could lean my wrists on it properly. Even after a lengthy Minecrafting session, I was still comfortable without any irritation on my wrists.

Compared to stiff mouse mats with plastic textures, this uses an entirely cloth texture for the main surface. The woven surface has two advantages: it presents a flat surface that’s textured enough for optical mice to pick up even the smallest movement and it’s soft on the skin


The XL sized mat is priced at 29 Euro, which can fetch anywhere between £25 and £29 depending on where you buy it from, but the XXXXL model is a shocking 45 euros, nearly £40 depending on your retailer of choice.
The XL model might be in your price range, but the XXXXL size might be a little bit out of the average user’s price range.


I was quite impressed with the Deskpad once I got used to it. It’s got the high texture necessary for precision mouse movements, but it’s also incredibly comfortable unlike most plastic mouse mats. Since it’s on a rubber base, it stays very stable, possibly helped somewhat by how huge and expansive the mat is.

A downside is the availability though, since Corepad still haven’t picked up many retailers, this gaming surface is only available online and even then it’s only from a few select stores which can make finding a better deal quite difficult.
The Deskpad fails to disappoint in just about every area except for the downfall of its higher price tag. If you’re a gamer and in the market for a cloth mouse mat then I’d definitely recommend putting aside the little bit of extra cash to afford this particular brand.


– High textured main surface for precision
– Very comfortable for both wrists
– Stable, doesn’t move around when you’re mid-session


– High costs for the larger models
– Only available from online retailers

Corepad managed to garner an impressive 9/10 from me. They’ve put together a brilliant mouse mat that is only let down by the cost of it, which might put budget gamers out of the loop.


Last modified: December 23, 2011

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