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Testing a mouse is a difficult procedure as despite there being a few synthetic methods I can use to show you how good or bad a mouse is, the most effective way is to describe my experience with it. That said, I’d still urge people to try out a mouse before buying it as it is a subjective thing.

Though you should still read this review, as I obviously know what I’m talking about.


The Xornet was tested in several different games and used in general computing over a few days.

The games used for testing were:

League of Legends
Serious Sam HD: First Encounter
Various flash and indi games


Gaming and general usage

This is a gaming mouse, so this is where I spent the majority of my time when testing. I have a tough job right?

Throughout all titles used, I found the Xornet to be a pretty good gaming peripheral. It was fast enough in Serious Sam deathmatch – arguably one of the faster paced FPS games out there – and more than accurate enough despite the somewhat average DPI. A few times during playtesting I did feel like I’d have liked a little more in the way of sensitivity, perhaps another 500 DPI? Maybe the option for another 1,200 or so if I’m feeling cheeky. I feel that 3200 is kind of the sweet spot for gaming, but that’s more of a personal preference and it’s something that can be tweaked with increased Windows or in-game sensitivity.

Accuracy wise I had zero problems with the Xornet. It was dead-on and relatively quick, a great combination for FPS titles as well as a myriad of other games that require both these elements.

Some might lament the fact that you can’t remap the side buttons. Admittedly it does seem a little odd to have them there and thenmake it so you can’t tweak them. If you’re going for a true cut back mouse, just don’t include them at all. If I’m looking for a real puritan mouse with basic gaming features but high speed and sensitivity, I’d want no side buttons at all.

The only real problem I had with this mouse was it’s construction. It’s a peripheral that does a good job at gaming and it fits in the hand well despite it’s odd size and shape, but it isn’t built to the highest standards. The reason I say this is that when using other gaming peripherals, when you’re moving around, the mouse is moving too – a little. You might be readjusting your hand, or refocusing the screen. Even if you’re not issuing a big click command or a kill shot, you’re usually doing something with your mouse hand. The problem with the Xornet is that you can hear yourself doing this.

The “click” for both main buttons enables without any commands being sent. So merely adjusting your hand position causes this “click, click”, same with the side plastic. The whole mouse feels like it needs some extra glue to hold it together. It’s not going to fly apart, but I want a mouse that’s a bit more solid in my hand than this.


Despite the annoyance of its clickety-clack nature, the Xornet is a pretty comfortable mouse to use. The buttons are soft to the touch and the side grips are solid and breathable. The rear of the mouse, the part that sits in your palm, does get some persipiration build up over time which isn’t the end of the world, but it’s noticeable.

I can’t really get away from that annoying clicking though. If you’re playing a relaxed game, perhaps a turn based title – even Windows chess – you’ll find yourself wanting to take your hand off of the mouse to stop having to listen to it.

Just tap the back of any well built peripheral and you’ll hear a dull thud. In this one, you can hear all the parts moving and clacking together. I know this is a budget gaming mouse, but I’d find it hard to recommend saving a tenner and buying this over the far superior mid-range £30 gaming mice out there.

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