Boogie Bug AimB Pad XL


Starting off with the Logitech mouse I started up Walking Dead (an old favourite of mine despite the bad press) and started to slay. Immediately I noticed a drag on the mouse and had to up the sensitivity as moving the mouse across much of the mat became tiresome and simply meant that my turning speed was reduced, although my accuracy was top notch. Switching over to the Reaper this problem evaporated; teflon mouse feet obviously makes a big difference here. With the Ideazon mouse the movements were silky smooth and my speed and accuracy was excellent.

In Doom 3 the Walking Dead scenario tended to repeat itself with the Logitech mouse suffering from lag due to its poor, plastic feet while the Reaper sailed across the surface with ease thanks to its teflon underside. Again, the operation was smooth with both mice, but the Reaper had the speed advantage thanks to its feet, and its increased sensitivity which the AimB was able to utilize beautifully.

In Company of Heroes the comfort of the pad was apparent as I spent much time directing squads in small areas therefore requiring little mouse movement over extended periods. My right wrist was very comfortable against the soft cloth surface and my left hand on the keyboard was also slightly supported; it was definitely an improvement over having my wrist resting on the desk.

Throughout all of the testing the mat was very comfortable to use and it stayed completely still thanks to its rubbery underside which stuck to the desk like glue.

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  1. I want a review on the armband!

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