Boogie Bug AimB Pad XL


For testing the Aim B Pad I played several games that covered varying genres and therefore required different types of mouse movements allowing me to gauge how the mat performs in different circumstances.

The games I played were, Land of the Dead, Doom 3 and Company of Heroes. The first two are mainly first person shooters, with Land of the Dead also adding some melee combat to the mix. These types of games require fast mouse movements and accuracy at speed. Company of Heroes was used to test for prolonged use over an hour long game while also testing the accuracy of flitting between unit selections. I also spent the day using the mat in Windows to see how it performs in general browsing environments and to test how comfortable it is after long periods of use.

During testing I used a gaming mouse (Ideazon Reaper) and a generic Logitech optical mouse.

Oh, and I wore the sweat band while playing; what the hell.

Sweat Band On
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  1. I want a review on the armband!

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