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So what do you think I did to test these? I used them for a few hours. Standing at my PC, while going for a run etc. And I listened to a wide variety of music through them, jotting down some notes and eventually coming to a conclusion on the quality of the BassBuds.


Sound Quality

Throughout testing I used the BassBuds with a variety of different music genres, from rap to reggae, rock and classical, chillout and a load of others that music nerds would love getting into all the niches of. Still, throughout most tracks, I had no problems with the BassBuds at all. Bass was pretty good and the highs and mids were all nicely represented. I did have some difficulty finding an optimum spot for the earbuds – especially while running as they would move around – as the further in the ear you went the more bass you got, but the highs became more muted and vice versa. I found a good middle ground in the end but it took some fiddling and swapping of earbuds.

While I’m sure it’s down to personal taste, my favourites in the end were the foam buds all the way. The smallest fit my ears the best, but the foam held a stronger bass note and didn’t move around as much while on the move. Conversely, the rubber buds would quite audibly move around with each step I took, quite annoying when you’re trying to zone out.


As I noted above, my favourites were the foam earbuds, as they slotted in the nicest and held their position most. That said, whether you end up preferring big or small, rubber or foam, the comfort levels are about the same. I felt no ear irritation throughout prolonged usage and thanks to the multitude of available sizes and materials, you should be able to find your perfect fit.

Just expect to spend a bit of time figuring that out when you get them.


Normally with our 10 hours or so of testing time for a product like this, durability doesn’t really come into play as products should last well beyond that period. However while the earbuds themselves remained pretty durable, I did have difficulty with the 3.3mm connector. Pretty much from the first use, as soon as I pulled it from the device to switch it to another, the plastic coating pulled away leaving the white plastic underneath with exposed wires clearly visible. This isn’t a major problem as it’s easily fixed with some superglue, but it’s a shame that this was my near first impression of the BassBuds.


Mic quality for these earbuds was fantastic. It made it very easy to take a call while on a run without stopping or breaking stride and since you can cut it off when you’re done as well, there’s barely any interruption.


While they aren’t perfect, the BassBuds classics are a great replacement for a stock pair of smartphone earphones. They’re comfortable are practically guaranteed to fit any ear size and allow you to take calls on the go without unplugging them.

They could do with being a bit more durable and I don’t know if the in-ear crystal was really necessary – it would be nice to see a crystal free cheaper option – but they’re still great, I’d highly recommend them.


  • Good sound quality
  • Let you take calls on the go
  • Loads of earbuds to choose from
  • Wide variety of available colours


  • Durability of the 3.3mm connector is a bit lax
  • Rubber coatings don’t isolate sound well enough


Last modified: December 19, 2012

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