Arctic Cooling P531




To test this product I decided to make effective use of my dual-screen set up to really turn the pressure up by running multiple games, media programs and the like all at once.

Test rig

AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Core 3800+, ~2.0GHz
Gigabyte S-Series M61PME-S2P
nVidia 8800GTS
Hitachi 1TB
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Team Fortress 2 + Coheed & Cambria Discography

An eclectic mix of sounds if I do say so myself. Thanks to the multiple speaker set-up per headphone, the sound of each program was clearly discernible from each other, but the actual volume of both was very close making it difficult to tell in loud situations.

Outlaw Star + Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition

Brilliant sound quality from both games, despite Blood Bowls penchant for various visual and audio glitches. The P531 really lived up to its promise to ignore any digital audio problems. As with the previous combination, both programs were quite clear and easy to tell apart even at the very worst of times.

Something I wasn’t relying on that I realised whilst testing the P531 was a minor fact that nearly gave me a heart attack: The P531 blocks out nearly all outside sound. I didn’t discover this little factoid until someone decided to yell in my ear when I didn’t hear them calling my name whilst I was using the P531.


The AC P531 costs around £45, which while not being too expensive is a little pricey for what you get.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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