Arctic Cooling P531



The P531 is presented beautifully in a beautiful silver box that was obviously intended to display the headset in all it’s glory. From the clear front and side panels to the detailed graphics and instructions and specifications on the back; Arctic knew what to display and where to display it when they made this box.

It’s a shame then that they didn’t know what to do when it came to actually building the packaging itself. The whole thing is surprisingly flimsy and mostly un-necessary. The clear panel for displaying the headset isn’t even glued in, it just rests there thanks to a couple of spacers attached to the plastic casing housing the P531.

It’s also quite complex to get into. Roughly 4 layers cover the top and only real entrance into the package without damaging it. Then you have to remove the casing containing the headset, and then a long period of removing twist-ties ensues.

Once everything is open, it’s easy to spot where Arctic have cut corners in the production process. Tape is used to hold sides and signs together as opposed to more efficient glues and as previously mentioned, the front panel isn’t even attached to the rest of the case!

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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