Everyday use and Conclusion

For day to day use, such as web browsing, using Office and watching 1080P movies the ZBOX does well and handles everything easily. Boot up is handled pretty rapidly, as it doesn’t stop to run POST checks for long. When using the ZBOX more like my normal PC, I start to see some slow downs, this is mostly because of the fact that only 2GB of RAM is provided and once Windows and the built graphics has had their slice, there isn’t much left for your applications. An upgrade to 4GB of RAM is defiantly something I would do.

Using the ZBOX as a Home theatre PC is really were it shines, fit the ZBOX to the back of a PC monitor or TV and you will have a full computer all out of the way. Get a wireless mouse and keyboard combo and you won’t even have to be near it to use it.

In an office the ZBOX would be good too as it could be screwed below a desk very easily, instead of having to have a mid ATX size case sitting next to you.

The ZBOX does have lots of things going for it and the AMD APU version would be the best to get as they’re often more powerful than the Intel counterparts.

The ZOTAC ZBOX Nano XS AD11 Plus retails at £280 which seems slightly steep but once you consider everything included, it is a good deal.


  • Tiny size
  • Low power usage
  • Easily handles normal day to day usage.
  • Excellent mounting flexibility
  • Included fast 64GB SSD
  • Excellent bundle


  • Only 2GB of RAM included
  • Fan noise can be annoying after some time
  • APU temperatures often exceed 90C


ZBOX Nano XS AD11 Plus
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  2. 2GB of RAM seems like plenty if you use this PC lightly as a media PC, plus i’m sure it’d be cheap and easy enough to upgrade to 4GB if you needed it. Although, with Zotac’s ability to buy in bulk adding 4GB instead of 2GB would cost them peanuts, it does seem like they are shortchanging consumers a bit

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