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Installing the Veho Mimi couldn’t be easier. You simply plug the dongle into your PC, turn on the speaker and off you go.

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One issue I did run into though, was that switching between using the Mimi, and my usual speakers could occasionaly be problematic. This is easily solved however by manually selecting the audio output in the Windows sound settings.


Speakers, like many other peripherals, are quite difficult to test as the results are going to be based mainly around the user’s personal preference for bass and treble levels, and their ability to convey the quality of the sound. To fully test the speakers though, we play different types of music, movies and games while using the speakers, which give us as clear picture as possible of what the device can do.

Test Rig

Intel Core 2 Duo Q9450
Asus P5QL
4GB (effective 3.2gb)Super Talent DDR2
Graphics Card
Vvikoo 8800GT
Western Digital Raptor 75GB
Windows XP Pro 32bit


For the size of the Mimi, I was pleasantly surprised by not only the quality of the sound that it puts out, but the clarity and volume of it also. It’s more than capable of pumping out a tune at more than satisfactory volume several rooms away from the PC playing the track. I tried several different genres of music and some talk radio on it, and it handled them all spectacularly, never really sounding tinny or without depth.

Now for a portable speaker, it’s not going to be the same a system with a full sub and surround speakers, but for what it is its very good. It is definatley missing the absolute bottom notes of the bass frequencies, but it can still kick out some good drum beats when needed. Its high and mid frequencies are fantastic however, and certain bands like Dragonforce sound almost identical on this little thing as they do on my Razer Mako speakers.

When the volume is cranked right up to full, it does start to lose its clarity somewhat, but since its mobile, you don’t really need the max volume settings as you can just move it closer to you to increase the sound levels.

In terms of functionality it works well also, giving you the ability to adjust volume as you walk around is great. I’d have liked to have seen some more controls, like a pause/play button, a track skip one etc.But with what it has, it does the job well.


The cost of the Veho Mimi may put some off a little, as it does come to around £40 on most retail websites. However, I’ve never heard a portable speaker this good before, so for the money, you can’t really beat it.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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  1. Chris says:

    Fantastic speakers…but just added my eigth and my laptop wont recognize it!!… any suggestions please?

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