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At £50, the Battle Dragon is probably going to be considered a bit much by some. Sure it can carry a lot, but if you don’t care about your peripherals a Tesco bag works just as well. However, if you’re the kind of gamer that’s spending £50 on a mouse, £70 on a headset and anywhere inbetween on a keyboard, keeping them in good condition is important; the Battle Dragon can help you do that.

I still feel like it would be more protective with some sort of plastic plate in the back, bottom and top in case of droppages and for too enthusiastic a dump down when taking off the backpack.

That said, this bag can take a lot of peripherals, has several carry options and is surprisingly comfortable. I’d recommend it.


Several carry options
Has a lot of space
Compartments are well padded
Comfortable to carry
Good build quality, stitching


No solid protection, only soft padding (though surprisingly effective)
A bit expensive for a bag


Last modified: August 25, 2011

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