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Quality doesn’t often come in the form of over-the-top packaging which costs an arm and a leg with the product inside simply not living up to the glitzy box. And so when it comes to Teufel packaging, a simple brown cardboard box does the trick – after all surely it’s the speakers themselves that should tempt you into the purchase not some cheesy slogan or colourful box design.

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Inside the box, each part, right down to the stands and other small pieces, are safely wrapped up within Styrofoam protectors and plastic air pockets.
In terms of accessories, there are a number of bits and pieces which accompany the subwoofer and five satellites:

  • 5 x bases (for satellite speakers)
  • 1 x cover (for diagonal mounting of centre speaker)
  • 1 x base (for diagonal mounting of centre speaker)
  • Screws (for mounting speakers)
  • 30 x Rubber feet
  • 1 x IEC cable for power supply

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As you can see, cables or interconnects aren’t included which, at first, may seem a little odd but it is in fact a better idea as each user will require different lengths and so most pre-cut cable lengths are not suitable.

Now, you may be concerned about the extra cost of having to purchase the cabling separately. Well the simple fact is, don’t be; the AC 2005 WS cable kit includes 20m of cabling and three 1m adapters for the rear, sides and centre/subwoofer at just £10.

Teufel sent us the WC 3005 WS kit which is essentially the same just with a longer cable length – 30m in total.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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