Teufel Concept E 300

Teufel Concept E 300 Review


Surround sound and the home cinematic experience is a market that has been on the rise with users looking for crystal clear sound to give the full-fat experience whether it is with movies, games or music. The German speaker specialist, Teufel, may not be that well known in the UK, but in other European countries it appears to be building up a strong reputation for its high quality speaker sets.

The home cinema now features a number of different ranges from the Motiv and Columa series up to the more expensive LT sets. Whilst in terms of sound quality and performance, these sets have been impressing users alike, with many of the systems stretching past the £1000, they can’t be considered particularly affordable.

With this in mind, Teufel created the Concept PC/multimedia speakers of which we will be taking a look at the E300 version offering a 300W sub, 5.1 surround and a price tag within budget of a larger proportion of enthusiasts. Let’s get stuck in.

Teufel’s Description

“This set takes the design of the new CE series to an even higher acoustic level.

It’s all down to the newly developed CE 20 FCR satellite speakers. The 9 x 12.5 cm casing behind a removable, floating mounted grid has a full-grown two-way system with 80 mm mid-tone speaker and 19 mm tweeter; an extremely finely tuned frequency switch ensures the harmonic interplay of these components. A curved front ensures improved sound radiation; the “floating” grid minimises edge reflections.

An exceptionally linear frequency response is achieved in conjunction with the active filtering of the subwoofer’s six-channel amplifier, marking new standards in the field of multimedia speakers. The greater efficiency – as opposed to the CE 10 FCR satellites of the Concept E 200 – ensures a greater maximum volume, which is why we can recommend the set for rooms up to 25 m².

To prevent distracting sound differences between the individual channels, the five identical, magnetically shielded satellites are absolutely identical for the three front and both rear channels.

The smart-looking micro speakers look great on the table, on a shelf, on the wall, or on stands. Table stands are included – wall brackets and bases can be ordered from the accessories shop.

The Concept E 300 is designed for direct connection to the sound card outputs of a computer, but DVD players, CD portables, MP3 players, iPod docks, TV sets, games consoles, radio transmission systems and many other components with analogue outputs are suitable as playback devices. By the way: the upmix technology via the five speakers and the subwoofer lets even stereo sources sound far better than normal stereo playback! 

You can carry out the most common operations directly at the front of the subwoofer: control the volume or bass level, and switch to standby mode.

The Concept E 300 guarantees top class sound quality in the area of multimedia speakers for a very appropriate price.”

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