Synology DS411 Disk Station Rundown

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Synology DS411 Disk Station


Storing data away from your main PC is important, we’ve well established that by this point. It’s one step in data protection that everyone should be taking to make sure that no matter what happens you don’t lose your all important files.

Synology are one of the companies producing NAS drives, network attached storage options that offer up a variety of features – and some pretty decent software – to help your data stay protected. Today I’m looking at another Disk Station from the firm, the DS411.

NB. Having looked at quite a few of these before, I’ll be mostly noting the updates and differences for the NAS instead of giving it a full review. This is a Rundown.


  • Optimal Price/Performance Ratio
  • RAID Data Protection
  • Windows + Mac + Linux Cross-Platform Sharing
  • Complete Backup Solutions
  • Rich Office Applications
  • Power-saving with only 29.7 Watts in Operation

Full features and specifications here.


Last modified: December 12, 2012

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Synology DS411 Disk Station Rundown

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