Steelseries Desmo by Gunnar Optiks

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Conclusion and Pricing

You can find the Steelseries Desmo in its various colour variants for around £60-£70, which isn’t cheap considering this is a peripheral most people wouldn’t even consider buying. It’s also not rediculous, as there are frames at most opticians that will set you back five times that much without even blinking.

The question though really is, are these worth it? If you think they’re going to make you a better gamer, forget it, that isn’t happening. This is – as lame as it sounds – about health. Do you care about your eyes? And if so, do you want to be able to game longer, beyond the usual trappings of your eyes and their piss poor stamina.

Staring for hours and hours at an object that is usually no more than a metre away makes your eyes work hard to focus. It also makes them less capable at switching between focus distances as quickly. And it makes them feel like crap. Who here actually likes having dry, tired eyes?

These glasses aren’t a substitute for taking proper care of them, but they do help alleviate a lot of the problems associated with marathon gaming sessions. Maybe you won’t wear these all day, every day. But the times you plan to spend gaming well into the early hours of the morning, I’d recommend them. They do help.


  • Reduce eye strain, impressively so
  • Help avoid dry eyes
  • Yellow tint reduces glare, adds contrast
  • Minor zoom makes reading small text easier


  • They make me look like even more of a dork
  • Arms aren’t 100 per cent comfortable
  • Of little use beyond making your eyes feel a bit better




Last modified: April 4, 2012

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