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The packing for this product struck me as very uninteresting. It comes in a sharp edged injection mould ed clear plastic pack with a rather boring cardboard insert. The good looks of the surge protector give it a more interesting appearance; but it’s nothing to shout about.

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The rear of the packaging is also quite bland as it simply states the product features and specifications. It does however have a small collection of images on the rear; these are probably intended to show how the product should be connected to your PC but as they are not labeled nor very clear, they are of negligible use.

The packing is also quite poorly designed as the two separate plastic parts of the casing do not lock together as they should which means that sellotape must be used in order to stop the product from falling out, this looks ugly especially as dirt can easily get stuck to it. The quality of the plastic used to make the packaging is also worrying as a slight knock on the corner is enough to send a crack thought the plastic about 2cm long. The plastic does however allow you to clearly see the product and all on the information on the cardboard insert.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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