Spire Powerfuse S162

Spire Powerfuse Review


As Spire say, they are a name synonymous with quality and innovation and most innovative companies respond aptly to market trends. One of these trends is that many people now have expensive high end graphics cards and prolonging their life has become paramount for many. With that in mind, Spire have sent the “Powerfuse” over-voltage surge protector for us to review.

About Spire

Spire are well renowned as being dedicated to bring the consumer innovative products that prolong the life of their computer hardware. With many GPU’s now costing over £200 Spire has taken to the challenge of creating products that will fulfil this requirement. Spire prides itself on quality, design and competitive pricing.


  • Over Voltage protection: Activated by irregular voltage beyond allowance
  • Copper & EMI shielded cables
  • Over Current protection: Simply like a Fuse for your video-card
  • Correction of ripple noise: 50% of ripple noise is filtered through the EMC core
  • Hot swappable, plug and play installation
  • LED Indicated and lighted connectors


Compatibility All PCIE 6Pin Graphic Cards
Dimensions 270x25x20mm
Max. Protection SATA 2 data connector 7-pin
Max. Protection 16.0V / 23.0A
Min. Protection 14.5V / 19.0A
Cables One EMI Shielded VGA 6Pin Power Connector
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 0.1 KG
Voltage 12VDC
Rated Voltage 12VDC

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