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Build Quality & Functionality

The look and feel of the set is about what you’d expect for the price. At first glance it looks very smart in its black, orange and silver attire. There is the occasional flaw that reminds you these cost less than £100, but nothing that would make you think they cost less than £50. The centre logo-bearing plate on the sub is slightly loose, but not so much that you’d notice in general usage. Also, the mute button doesn’t depress cleanly every time but a little force soon fixes that. The problems with the build quality are neglible and I’m really nit picking here, which shows that the general quality of the speakers are pretty top notch; they look great too.

Sound Quality

Discounting for a moment this reviewer’s taste in music, as you can see, there’s a good range of everything from rock, metal, pop, jazz, and classical, to folk, funk, electronica, and even a handful of non-musical sources. Recordings of rain and thunderstorms were given shuddering resonance with the bass turned up, thunder literally rattling the windows and a coffee-mug or two. The tinkling strains of HoMM3’s fantasy-themed soundtrack sounded undeniably glorious through these. Harp’s shimmering crescendos cutting clearly through the rest with crystalline precision.

Game sounds placed effective and provided the desired sense of spacial orientation and atmosphere that the visuals belayed. In fact, almost all test material with just a couple of exceptions were done justice by the Gravity Blaster 2.1 system. Aphex Twin needed a substantial increase in bass to compensate for the already brittle and jagged sound. Air’s ‘Radian’ – along with a couple others – suffered a little from distortions with intense mid-range output.

This was from an 192kbps MP3 format, and at lower volumes it wasn’t noticeable, but at the kind of settings you’d have at a party, people are sure to notice. Everything else performed excellently, however, and considering the size of the satellite speakers, it manages to pump out at substantial volume before causing problems. It wasn’t tested in a large room or hall environment, but these speakers are to be admired for their perceived power at such a low wattage. They wouldn’t struggle filling any room in your average house.


This set of speakers can be found online for £80 or so. Great for those wanting a cheap medium-spec, or quality budget option.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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