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The Gravity Blaster 2.1 doesn’t come with a lot of frills in the box. The Quick Install Guide contains just enough instructions to stop you eating the stereo leads rather than plugging them into the clearly marked sockets. But you don’t need much direction because they’re simple plug-n-play speakers. It would’ve been nice if they’d included some specifications somewhere in the manual, though. Instead they’re only detailed in one place on the box itself – which is usually consigned to a dark and musty cupboard or attic-space. Unfortunate, but no big deal.

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Other than that, the bundle includes only what you need to survive: the connective tissue of our audio-organism. It should also be noted that, whilst the the cardboard box and polythene wrapping is recyclable in many districts, Speedlink – like most companies – still appear to rely on blocks of bulky polystyrene (styrofoam) to hold items in place and protect from impacts. This stuff is difficult and expensive to dispose of appropriately. A minor detail as far as product quality is concerned, but consumers may wish to encourage greener thinking.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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