Sapphire Mini Projector 101

Sapphire Mini Projector 101 Review


In tough economic times it’s never a bad plan to diversify; it seems that applies to large companies too. Sapphire, makers of ATI graphics cards for desktop systems have often branched out into motherboards and the like, but now they’re entering the display game too. However, not with a standard LCD or LED monitor, but an LED projector.

It’s small, comes with its own tripod and able to handle a reasonably high resolution. Let’s see how it holds up.


Sapphire Mini Projector 101 Review

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  1. I want to get a mini projector but don’t know which to get there are quite a few on the market, i like the look of the sapphire mini projector 101 and at the moment it’s also the cheapest i’ve read most of the reviews for it and they all seem to be good, all I’ll use it for is just viewing movies and pictures nothing too exciting and my laptop will be connected up to a surround sound system so i don’t have to wory about the sound problem. Any help would be welcomed

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