S.W.A.P Rebel Smart Watch

Box and Bundle

The sWaP comes in a brightly coloured packaging, perhaps suggesting it’s aimed at kids or the young at heart.

S.W.A.P Smart Watch Phone
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S.W.A.P Smart Watch Phone
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There arn’t many extras with this thing, just a pair of headphones without padding and an instruction leaflet that encourages you to look at the full manual on the phone itself.

S.W.A.P Smart Watch Phone
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6 responses to “S.W.A.P Rebel Smart Watch”

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  2. 180.- for this? Wow!

    I’m not sure what I’d do if someone left me the choice between using the Rebel as my watch, phone and camera for the rest of my life or get struck by a horrible disease.

  3. I bought a white sWaP Rebel from IWOOT for my boyfriends birthday and I must say he absolutely loves it! He uses it all the time and is the centre of attention with all his friends! He has not had any problems to-date and never has the problem of loosing his phone. Ace product and would definitely recommend!

    1. Would you be offended if I suggested he might be being polite? :p

      Glad he’s not had any problems with it, but being someone that has never lost a phone (touch wood), I would have almost any other phone over this.

  4. I bought one of these Rebel watches, and I think its amazing, even in this review you can see that the picture and film quality isn’t bad. This is seriously one of the most fun, interesting products I have bought in a long time and I think this reviewer has lost the plot a little.

    1. Thanks for the comment(s) Tim :p

      I’m afraid though I must disagree, the SWAP watch is garbage.

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  6. Thank you for the informaive honest review.

    In my opinion — Any watch phone using a stylus is an automatic fail, in the time it takes to type, select or even fumble around from removing the stylus to using it, you might as well have pulled an actual cellphone from your pant pocket. Gawd help you should you lose your stylus.

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