Revoltec at Channel Expo

At Expo myself and SorX met a fair few representatives of companies we hadn’t heard of before. Having spotted the Revoltec stand on the first day, but giving it some space due to the large crowd that it drew, we rose fresh faced on the 29th and headed straight for it. Upon reaching their orange and black flecked stand we were greeted by the giant of a man that is Ralf Hamann. Now it could be said that many are giants when compared to my 5’5″ frame, but this man towered above all around him. Moving into the booth, he showed us the range of peripherhals that Revoltec would be unleashing upon the world in June of this year.

First of all was a gamepad that was set to run in similar lines to the Wolfclaw Devour and the Zboard Fang.

Revoltec Game Board

The pad features soft touch buttons, a velvety pad to rest your wrist on and a variety of keys with customisable controls. The biggest plus point for me with this pad was that I was able to reach all buttons with ease. This had proved a problem on other game boards and it was nice to see that revoltec had considered the small handed gamers when creating this product. The rubber feet kept it steady throughout my short lived testing period and I couldn’t help but admire its comfort. Game boards of the past have been quite ugly and usually come with a slightly tacky feel, this board had none of this and will definately become a major player in the game board market on its release.

Revoltec Game Board

Next up was the Revoltec FightMouse. This feisty little fella’ features a switchable 2000DPI range (800, 1200, 1600, 2000), carbon effect casing, an LED base and customisable mouse weights. It also comes with teflon feet which gives an incredibly smooth glide across most surfaces and a 2m USB2 cable for extra distance gaming; should you need it.

Revoltec Fightmouse

Revoltec Fightmouse Weights

The DPI switch button changes colour depending on the current DPI setting. It also allows for a fantastic feature, an LED off button. I consider this simple button a great addition to the mouse as it means that when the PC is off you can simply press that button instead of turning off your PSU or unplugging your power cable. Although this counters only a minor annoyance, it is an annoyance none the less and it is excellent to see Revoltec taking into account such subtle ideas.

Fightmouse Off Button

The other main product that RTec were showcasing at Expo was their Fightboard gamers keyboard. This keyboard features the same carbon effect casing and matt black finish of the Fightmouse. It looks and feels sturdy while remaining extremely lightweight. Its rubber feet give it excellent traction and the keys are soft and responsive to the touch.

Revoltec Fightboard

Other products that they will be releasing later in the year include a GPU cooler, some acrylic case parts, a couple of HDD enclosures and fans with temperature read outs on them.

Acrylic Case
An acryllic case featuring Revoltec LED fans

Lightwriter Fan
The LightWriter fan

Keep an eye on Revoltec, there could be a shake up in the gaming peripheral market when their products hit the markets later this year.

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