Proporta Universal Emergency Charger Travel Kit

Proporta Universal Emergency Charger


While normally at XSR we deal with PC hardware only, we occasionally get an interesting gadget of sorts to check out. Recently I was contacted by a company called Proporta to review some of their products; being the greedy git I am, accepted. Today I’ll be checking out their Emergency Universal Charger. A handy little gadget that fits in your pocket while carrying a large charge. Let’s see if we can figure out how to test this.


  • Charge anywhere, recharge anything – standard USB input and output

  • Comes with a retractable cable which is compatible with the following inter-changeable connector heads: 1 x Nokia Slim, 1 x Sony Ericsson, 1 x iPod, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Samsung, 1 x PSP.

  • Power indicator LED shows when you’re low on juice

  • Impressive 2500mAh storage (recharge your devices and gadgets several times)

  • Powerful 5v, 800mA output (enough for even the most power-hungry mobile devices).

Product Description

“Proporta’s Universal Emergency Charger includes all you need to keep your iPod, mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, Sony Reader, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP, digital camera etc.) charged and at the ready whilst on the move. This ridiculously handy product charges from any standard USB port and stores an impressive 2500mAH of power meaning that you can recharge your mobile gadget again and again (and again) wherever you are.

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