Plextor PX-B120U BD Rom



While there isn’t really a lot of testing to be done with a device like this, I figured I could use it to watch a couple movies on it and see what the viewing experience was like.


Straight off the bat Windows Media player won’t work with this drive, however, Plextor are kind enough to include a full copy of PowerDVD 9 which does support Blu Ray play very well. Bunging in the Dark Knight I sat back and enjoyed some high definition action in Gotham’s grimy underbelly.

Thanks for the reasonable 4x spin speed that this drive supports, it only takes a few seconds (sub 10) to load the film up and during operation there is almost no noise output from the device.

I liked how you only power the BD Rom up with a single USB cable as that makes this drive easily usable with notebooks, netbooks and other media player devices.


This BD Rom drive can be picked up around £50 which is about the same as comparable internal drives.

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