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Its refreshing playing a game where the objects in your environment react so much when we are used to game worlds which act as if they are made of unobtainium (see: The Core). However, even though there are some great PhysX effects used in the single player game, it would have been nice to see all of the Ageia Island effects included as well.

Every time I end PhysX reviews, I always ask myself the question, “is it worth it?” and I have to say I am beginning to lean towards the yes. This game brings to light how physics can not only affect the look of a game, but can also add new game elements; like destructible walls, buildings, foliage and through this, creating new paths for firefights and movement. If more games that support PhysX in this way, we could see Ageia’s sales numbers rise, but as before, it’s not quite there yet; there just aren’t enough games.

Pros Cons
Destructible environments Only PhysX owners can use ageia island
New paths created through destruction of walls PhysX card, still a bit too expensive for an add on card
Frame rate better with PhysX hardware
Lots of particles

I’d like to thank our sponsors Ageia for providing us with this game.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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