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There were 2 problems with this peripheral. The most obvious one I’ve already pointed out: Cable management. There are 10 cables alone for plugging in your fans, and then there’s also the main power cable as well as some additional ones for whatever purpose (Due to a lack of instructions, I was perplexed by certain wires with no obvious usage I can only presume they are thermometers in disguise). This huge amount of cables is quite disproportionate to the space saving device itself.

The second problem is in the space-saving design. Whilst the Sentry 2 has been built to fit in a 5.25″ bay, it does not use the entirety of the bay, instead using just the front half so that only 2 screws are necessary to keep the Sentry 2 in place. People using a screwless case might find that the device doesn’t fit well. Toolless cases are usually designed with the idea that the whole bay will be used so a smaller fitting device such as the Sentry 2 may end up being somewhat lopsided without the intervention of cellotape.

These complaints aside, the Sentry 2 is manageable, easy to use and simple enough that it doesn’t need an operating manual to use or install. It’s functionable straight out of the box and doesn’t require any software to operate.

What it all comes down to though is the need for a fan controller. If you’re operating a PC with 3-5 fans for optimal cooling, then this is most likely the fan controller for you. At £25, it’s a tad expensive for something that doesn’t do that much, but the cool feeling from the touch interface is probably enough to alleviate this.

My final rating is 7/10. Whilst it’s easy to use and functions great, the cable management was a letdown.

Pros Cons
Overall package and bundle Can’t compete with desktop mice
Wireless Connection



Thanks go to NZXT for providing us with this fan controller.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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