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To test the Nexus Air Duster I used the spray on different surfaces outside, and inside my case. While this would have been a little hard to describe or take pictures of, I put together a couple of videos.

Apologies for the low visual quality, the camera wasn’t a fan of macro video.

The spray worked very well indeed, but was far more effective when used with the bundled nozel; especially on the interior. I really liked how it easy it was to clean fans even when they were moving; though don’t spray too hard as it can stop the fan.

When you use the spray it does become very cold, and if you overuse it, or spray for too long too close, you get an interesting liquid appearing and quickly evaporating on the surface you spray it on. Looks cool…

Ultimately the Nexus Spray does a great job of dusting most surfaces, but is ultimately – and expectantly – far more effective at dusting case internals, or enclosed spaces. Another use for the spray would be for cleaning the internals of a keyboard without removing the keys.


The Nexus Spray can be found for around £7. Not bad really.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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