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Although I was a little let down at the malfunction of the effects button, there was still plenty to take note of with the Starcam Genie. It works very effectively at it’s main job; being a webcam. It also produces reasonable quality pictures and although it’s a little OTT, the MyGuard application is at best a cheap security measure, and at worst, a fun little program to play with. The bottom line with the Starcam Genie though, is price. At £15 it’s a steal for the features you get with it, and hell, it even looks quite good. Granted, if I used this all the time I’d be wary of the magnet near my PC, but looking at everything else, yea, I’d buy one.

Compact, good lookingEffects button issues
Bundled software is useful/funPicture quality not anything to shout about
Good value for moneyIncluded microphone is useless


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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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