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AMCap is a simple video capture and snapshot program that also gives you a preview image.


MyGuard uses the Genie as an improv. CCTV camera and provides an alarm and image email service. Below you can see the standard MyGuard window which has a host of menus on the right hand side.


The first of these simply opens up your favourite browser and takes you to The second is a little more interesting as it allows you to choose your camera source (should you have more than one) and the displayed resolution – the max is 640*480.


The third down the line is the “Mail Setting” menu which allows the user to setup to and from emails in which to send images captured when the guard software is triggered. You can setup to and from addresses, outgoing server, login ID, Password, subject and the text content of the email. There is also an option to test the system and attach an image to test attachments too.


Further down is the “Alarm Setting” menu. This allows you to choose what happens when someone trips your security. First up you can change if a sound is played or not and what that sound is; unfortunately this has been mislabeled “Paly Sound”.

The next option allows you to choose if you want it to capture an image when the alarm is triggered. You can also choose the local save point for these pictures. It is also possible to have these pictures emailed to you right after they are taken. You can make adjustments to this by way of the maximum file size, how many pictures to send, and how soon after taking they should be sent.


The next menu lets you change the cams sensitivity. Do you want it to go off when a fly cruises past the camera? or do you want it to do so when a hand reaches in shot?


The penultimate settings menu allows you to connect to your Starcam from another PC, allowing remote monitoring of whatever you are interested in keeping an eye on.


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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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