MSI Digi Vox mini II v3.0

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For the low asking price of around £25, you’ll be getting a great little product. The next time that you are sat on the train with your laptop, you’ll be able to watch the latest episode of Hollyoaks or maybe something more interesting.

It’s plug-and-play, and very easy to use. Requiring only a spare USB 2.0 port, 500mb of HDD, 2Ghz processor and 512MB RAM, this tuner can be used by even budget laptop owners.

As a result, the MSI Digi Vox II v3.0 gets my Editors choice award

Pros Cons
Cheap Only one tuner
No TV license need (conditions apply) No analogue tuner
USB 2.0


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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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