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You touch it all the time, and the feeling has to be right; your mouse is your key input to your PC. That’s why PCXmods decided to make Mouse Grips. They are small pieces of self-adhesive rubber that can be placed anywhere on your mouse to make using your mouse even better.

A little About PCXmods was founded in March of 2002 with a goal to provide excellent quality computer gaming hardware and other computer related accessories. is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

PCXmods offers a wide range of good, including mouse pads, gaming DVD’s, and case mods.

Mouse Grips

There are no special specifications with these grips. They are simply self-adhesive backed rubber precision cut to be the correct shape for people fingers.

According to the packet, they:

Improve your mouse control by enhancing your mouse grip.

First Look

The Mouse Grips come in a small cardboard box that tells you everything that you really need to know about the product. I personally don’t think that the packaging is particularly eye-catching but it certainly does do a good job. Also, its made of cardboard meaning that its a lot more ecologically friendly than the clam-shell plastic packets we are seeing more and more of today, not to mention its easier to get into… :)

PCXmods Mousegrips
PCXmods Mousegrips

A Closer Look

PCXmods Mousegrips

Inside the package you’ll find a sheet of rubbery ‘stickers’ and two alcohol wipes. The wipes are for cleaning your mouse of any sweat and other dirt that builds up before you put the grips on. The alcohol evaporates meaning that you don’t have to dry your mouse before installing. Its a little strange that there aren’t any installation instructions as I personally had no idea where to put them on my mouse. It would be nice to see instructions for the most popular mice; like Logitech mice and Razer Copperhead’s.

PCXmods Mousegrips

The grips themselves are on a small piece of plasticy paper. There are 10 grips altogether, with the two biggest designed for the center of your palm, the next largest ones which are sort of half triangular, half L shaped are for your finger tips and the rest are where your fingers rest on the mouse in between your palm and your fingertips.

PCXmods Mousegrips


PCXmods Mousegrips

Putting the grips on was pretty easy, it was just deciding where to put them… As there are no instruction, you have to just go ahead and hope. I would advise cutting out the grips and placing them on your mouse and trying different layouts before sticking them down.

PCXmods Mousegrips

As I use the side buttons quite a lot on my Copperhead, I decided to modify one of the rubber stickers to use on these buttons. It works perfectly and it shows that the shapes that you are given are not the only ones that you can use. These grips are easy modified with a sharp craft knife.

PCXmods Mousgrips

In Use

The grips take awhile to get used to, put once you do it does make using your mouse more comfortable. The main benefit that I have noticed is the fact that my sweat no longer makes a difference to my game play. I also find myself stroking the pads for some reason, they are really tactile :)


A good idea in an area which I thought never existed, but now mouse mods are coming onto the market. I would suggest that you buy a set of these as they are cheap and very effective. They also look kinda cool and sets your mouse out from the rest.

Pros Cons
Improves mouse grip No instructions
Stops sweat ruining your game  
Makes your mouse more tactile  

Last modified: February 14, 2011

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