LG at Channel Expo

After receiving an invite to a talk with LG, we wandered over to their rather small stand in the middle of Hall 19.

Channel Expo LG

Their main attraction was their new 24” widescreen flatscreen monitor promising 1000:1 contrast ratio, 178 degree viewing angel, 8ms response time, a huge 1920×1200 resolution and HDMI input.

Channel Expo Louise LG

To give us the low down on the monitor and how it works, we were greeted by Louise and her band of merry men who were more than camera shy. Speaking of which, one of them realised that the SteelSeries stand was running a Counterstrike:Source competition and brought his mouse weights to kick ass on his terms.

The monitor features the usual VGA, DVI, and component connectivity but also includes a 2 port USB hub located on the left-hand side to stop you crawling around looking for a free port.

It managed to produce clean, smooth pictures but the image quality was let down by a low-res input from a laptop, rather than the native resolution that the monitor was capable of.

Other than the picture, the other thing that caught our eye was the thickness of the TFT. It is a lot thicker than you would expect, but apparently that’s to stop the unit overheating, and keeps it working 24/7 if you find turning it off too difficult. That said, it’s still a LOT thinner and has a dramatically reduced footprint compared to a CRT of similar size. While the monitor is thicker, you still get a thin outer bezel. As always the monitor is also wall mountable allowing you to free up more desk space, or use this screen as a public messaging system. The wide viewing angle also helps this.

With its widescreen design, this monitor will interest graphics designers, or anyone who has a lot of windows open at once. Multiple full-sized windows can be opened all side by side. You’ll soon see a review of this beast on XSReviews :).

Channel Expo LG
Channel Expo LG

The other monitors include the world’s highest contrast ratio monitor which has a huge 3000:1 contrast ratio meaning the ‘perfect black’ is possible. When your typing on doing normal office work, you can choose another mode so that your eyes aren’t assaulted with too much light. All of this is controlled by the out-of-sight side controls which brings up the usual OSD and split screen mode showing you the difference between the chosen setting and the previous one.

The contrast figure wasn’t the only interesting statistic, this monitor also sports a 2ms response time which is beginning to make CRT’s sweat. You can use either 15pin d-sub (VGA) or DVI to pump images to the screen. Available in either 17” or 19”, you’ll always get 1280×1024 resolution and a matt ‘noble black’ frame.

Channel Expo LG
Channel Expo LG

It has a small eagle-eye power switch and a fin back which shows LG’s attention to detail and the need to produce a not only high performing but aesthetically interesting product.

Channel Expo LG
Channel Expo LG

Their last monitor on show was a Fantasy model. It comes in 3 styles, either Jar, Ring or Eclipse. Each of these names refer to the design of the stand which is coloured a contrasting orange. These stands all have red LED’s which light up in different ways depending on the model. Apparently these create ‘a heightened ambience’ and ‘a more relaxing working environment’. I always thought red was an angry colour but according to the LG team its ‘passionate’. Either way, it looks nice :).

These all have a glossy bezel which fits with the Chocolate phone and the iPod generation. The Fantasy range will find itself well and truly at home in a fashion conscience office or female home computer setup.

Channel Expo LG

They all only have DVI input, but this is on the end of an extended node which means that you won’t have to fiddle around with the backside of the screen to plug it in. These screens also have a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 2ms response times making it not only eye-catching but very practical. If the usual dimensions don’t suit you, these screens also come in widescreen for movie goers.

LG also were showcasing their new Blue-ray/HD-DVD combi drives which feature a smart chip which provides several key features. The staff on the booth didn’t know much about the technology, and hence were showing a sales orientated Powerpoint on how the chip works. For what I could gather, it burns extra information to the disc which allows for data repair (think RAID parity) allowing you to get your information off even if you’ve used the burnt CD as a brake disc, and password protection stopping your documents being viewed by shady characters.

More than likely these players will have Lightscribe technology allowing you to make not only high-capacity discs but beautiful ones too.

Welldone LG, you get an 8 for being genuinely nice people and helpful.

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