Foxconn nT-A3500 Nettop

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When using the Nettop for normal day to day applications I found that it was very fast and responsive for opening and closing applications, boot times are also very good, POST takes very little time. Other tasks like playing 1080P video and light video editing were also completed very easily with little noticeable slow down.

As expected the benchmark results are not terribly impressive but for the electricity consumed, they’re not bad at all. The Nettop costs around £120 which appears to be a great price considering what’s included. I was disappointed to not find any overclocking options in the bios although with the temperatures rising up to 83C, it is probably best that there aren’t options to do that.

For use as a Home theatre PC, the Foxconn nT-3500 fits the bill. The plastic VESA mounting bracket makes mounting the Nettop behind a screen very easy. The Nettop’s size is also a real bonus, taking up similar amounts or less space than your average CD drive. Even an AMD Fusion Mini-ITX would take up more place, let alone a Power supply and other essentials.

The performance of the system would also make it very suitable for day to day use as well as use as a thin client PC and a PC for powering large displays such as projectors.

The Foxconn nT-3500 has a lot going for it and I would recommend it over the Intel and Nvidia based alternatives due to reduced noise while maintaining a similar price which is important for a Home theatre PC.


Very small size
Low power usage
Performed very well for day to day use
Very quiet cooling
Great mounting flexibility
Well priced


Less CPU processing power than some similarly price Intel options
No overlocking options
RAM limited to 1066MHz
Low benchmark scores


Last modified: October 12, 2011

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Foxconn nT-A3500 Nettop

  1. Smill says:

    i have this as HTPC on my living room and is Great Playing 1080p movies from the network.

    using openelec xbmc

    great review!

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