Finis SwiMP3 X18 2GB

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The only logical way to test a device like this is to head to the local pool and listen to some audio, so that’s exactly what I did. (After testing it quickly at home in the bath, obviously!)

One of the first things you’re going to notice about the player is that you’re possibly going to be a bit self conscious of it. Having two bright yellow items on the side of your head that people are unused to seeing is going to get a few looks, thankfully as a heavily pierced guy who is used to the public staring, this didn’t bother me in the slightest.

The player attaches either side of your head, under the goggle straps and presses to your temple / cheek, ans show in this promotional photo shows. (I didn’t want to risk taking pictures in a pool!)


The control of the device is a bit of a pain at times, not lease because you are doing everything by touch at the side of your head and the buttons are not massively different. I would have liked to see some separation of buttons, say track selection on one side and volume on the other for simplicity?

A sample of some of the controls are:

Power on: Hold power for 3 seconds
Power off: Hold power for 3 seconds
Shuffle: Press Play & Next at the same time
Select Playlist: Press both Next and Previous
Volume: Hold Next to increase, hold Previous to decrease.

I cant help but think that having to not only remember these button combinations but also where those buttons are when you cant see them would get a little frustrating if you wanted to change music regularly or skip a track etc.

I had loaded the player with a couple of tracks of music, and also a podcast to be able to compare how it performs with spoken word also.

Once I had the player running (something I did with it and my goggles in hand before putting to my head, though I guess this would become easier with experience) I put on the goggles and noted that there was a bit of a tinny quality to the audio, though I remembered that the box had specifically mentioned it was designed for underwater playing. Sure enough the moment i put my head down to the water line and started my first length of the pool the audio became instantly clearer, more vibrant and much better.

I swam many lengths in various strokes to see how the player would perform, and was mentally comparing it to a previous swimming mp3 player I had which used waterproof earphones on a wire from the player.

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Last modified: April 5, 2013

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