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Testing for a product like this is quite difficult. The only effect this product has is on the noise output of your PSU, so that is really the only thing that can be tested. Unfortunately, DB reading equipment of anything below 40Db tends to be incredibly expensive so this test will have to be by ear.

Test Rig

PSU Silver Power 600w
Case Lian Li PC-A12

Test Procedure

For the test I placed the gasket on a PSU and compared my own findings of the noise levels before and after mounting. I also tested using just the screws and silicone washers, and with both the gasket and washered screws. It does say on the packaging not to do this, but instead of using the screws to attach the PSU to the case, I used the screws to attach the PSU mounting plate to the case. Should be interesting.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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