Edimax AR-7284WnA Router

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Edimax AR-7284WnA

The router itself is nice and clean looking with a traditional router build. God it’s hard taking pictures of white products on a white background.

It has a lightly inprinted Edimax logo on the top of the white casing which looks quite refined.

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At the front there’s a grey panel with plenty of LED holes that light up when certain functions are performed. Along with the ethernet LAN lights 1-4, there’s a WLAN light, USB, ADSL, Internet and WPS one.

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Along the back you have your phone line input, wireless aerial attachment screw, WPS reset button, four ethernet ports, single USB port, power input and the on/off button.

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The underside has a pair of grilled sections to allow air to circulate inside a little easier keeping the internal hardware cool. Still, you’d think it would make more sense to add these to the top, allowing the hot air to escape.

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The rear attached aerial screws in place quite easily and can be adjusted into a variety of positions.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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5 Responses to :
Edimax AR-7284WnA Router

  1. Bullfrog says:

    “Sure it has a flaky wireless signal strength, but its got good transfer speeds as long as you’re willing to play around with the settings”


    That’s somewhat akin to reviewing a car and saying:
    “Sure the engine cuts out randomly every now and again, but its got a great top speed as long as you’re willing to tinker with the engine”

    This product fails to meet basic usability criteria and this review fails the audience.

    1. Whoopty says:

      Sorry you feel that way Bullfrog. It’s a long time since I wrote this review so hopefully by now our practices have improved. I’ll make sure in future to conclude things in a less failing manner :)

  2. nancy says:

    my router which is edimax 7284wna doesnt let me open all web site is there a certain setting for that router to adjust

  3. Tiffy says:

    the edimax BR-6428nS router i wouldnt knw how it works cus it wont go past the setup and everything is connected correctly the modem works thats how im writing this review. it was frustrating that i almost threw it out the window instead of taking it back.

  4. OB88 says:

    I have edimax AR-7284wnA and i lost my pin code!!
    i am trying to reach the admin page through WiFi after i reset my router but i keep seeing this message when i put the default username/password: TOO MANY USERS LOG IN PLEASE WAIT! and i am never able to log in! I even tried to put static IPs or conect through LAN but it’s not working neither!!! any help please

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