Cryo PC Alto – Part 2


Now we saw yesterday that the gaming abilities of the Alto are not stunning. STALKER Clear Sky was below a playable 30 FPS, even on the lowest settings – though it just missed out in this regard. Today I focused more on slightly less demanding titles, but I had some DX11 benchmark results that didn’t quite finish in time yesterday so I thought I’d throw them in here too.

Aliens vs Predator

For this I used the official benchmark video, with the Benchmark Tool from Guru3D to manage the settings.

  1. Low – 1280×1024, no AA, Very High Settings, Medium Shadows
  2. Medium – 1280×1024, no AA, Very High Settings, High Shadows
  3. High – 1280×1024, 4 SSAO, Very High Settings, High Shadows
  4. Ultra – 1600×1200, 4 SSAO, Very High Settings, High Shadows

Unsurprisingly again we see that that the Alto is not designed for this type of gaming. So, what type of games is it good for?

Lots it turns out, you just have to pick and choose a bit more. Casual games, those that are simply not AAA titles, they’ll do fine. I spent a good few hours enjoying Minecraft, Trackmania Nations, Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers 2012 and more. As long as you arn’t looking to play a title of the past few years at maximum settings, you should have no problem with the Alto.

So, while it doesn’t give you a high end gaming system, it does things completely silently – thanks to passive cooling –  which is a lovely way to play some simple games, including several relatively stressful. It’s also supportive of DX11, though you’ll have to pick and choose which games as this isn’t a powerhouse.

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