Crossover 27Q 2560 x 1440 LED Pivot Monitor

Physical Features

The Crossover 27Q is quite simple, even compared to its brethren, so this won’t take long. On the front, we’ve got this 27″ Super IPS panel from LG which is also used in Apple’s Cinema Display. The black, glossy bezel is both small and unadorned, with a single Crossover logo at the front (which you’ll not notice once the display is on). The screen is covered in glass, which definitely gives it a more premium air.


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On the lovely white all-metal back, we’ve got our single input – a DVI-D connector, which is just DVI that uses all available pins. This can be converted to HDMI with an appropriate cable, which as of version 1.4 does support the 1440p resolution of the monitor. We’ve also got a power input which connects up the AC adapter (which is outside the monitor housing to keep the monitor thin).


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In terms of controls, we’ve got just three, which are cylindrical buttons sitting entirely behind the monitor. On the left we have LED panel brightness up and down, and on the right we have on / off. That’s it – there’s no on-screen display and no inputs to switch between, so there’s nothing further that’s required. If you need to do any configuration to the display, you’ll need to do so via your graphics card software.

Button Indicators

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The stand is worth a special look. It’s a standard VESA mounting, with quite a lot of range in all directions. You’ve got 90 degree rotation for portrait mode of course, but there’s also about 40 degrees of rotation to the left and to the right, a good amount of tilt backwards and forwards and enough height (about 8.5 cm additional) to make the rotation possible, so all in all it’s quite well done. The stand is the nicest I’ve had, with a glossy finish that matches the rest of the monitor.

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Finally, we’ve got the power brick itself. It’s of moderate size, but as it won’t really be going anywhere it’s not a concern. The Crossover 27Q is noticeably lighter and thinner than my lower resolution 28″ monitor, and not having a power adaptor built into the monitor is part of that.

Power Cable

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Both of the provided cables are good quality – compared to a lot of DVI-D cables on the market, this one seems well made and doesn’t feel likely to break.

DVI D Cable

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And… that’s it. Pretty basic, but that’s what you’d expect for the price. It’s all about getting that excellent Cinema Display grade panel with as few extra features (except for the tilt swivel) as possible.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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Crossover 27Q 2560 x 1440 LED Pivot Monitor

  1. Seb Gore says:

    Did you get stung for any VAT when you got the monitor delivered?

  2. William Judd says:

    Nope, but I did order from Amazon rather than eBay. Your mileage may vary, and Vat / Customs would add a good chunk to the cost of the monitor.

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