Creative Zen X-Fi Style 8GB

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NB. Apologies for the darkness of the screen in some of these pictures, a problem with some of our image processing. They are far brighter in reality.

When powered up you are taken directly to the "now playing" screen which is the very base of all the menus hidden within.

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When a song is playing (if the information is there) it displays album cover, the name of the band, album, how long is left in the track and what number in the current playlist it is.

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Hitting the up and down keys on the DPad at this point will raise or lower the volume with a handy orange banded loudness guage popping up on the right to give you an indication of where you’re at.

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If you dive into the menu system you can gain access to a whole host of settings to play around with. Not only can all of these be individually tweaked, but you can choose how many of them display in the main menu should you want to play with them often. This is great for audiophiles who want to adjust the EQ every time the genre changes.

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Clicking the ticks on to "orange" will set the settings to appear in the main menu as opposed to just within their respective category.

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One nice option that can be changed is the wallpaper. While many may choose a picture of their own, there are 6 pre-loaded ones, all with a very musical feel.

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Picture and video viewing as well as the radio are all handled under their own menus which are easy to navigate too from the main one.

Other audio tweaking options available in this device include:

  • X-Fi: Offers the famed crystalliser to improve all those treble notes, as well as Creative’s new "Expand" technology which increases the size of area you want it sound like the music is being played in. It’s all adjustable on a scale so you can pick a cosy home gig or an arena sound; or somewhere in between.
  • EQ: Several presets as well as the ability to customise your own.
  • Bass boost and Smart volume are also available.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Creative Zen X-Fi Style 8GB

  1. jasco says:

    im going to buy this player. Just wantd to know if it comes with a line in recorder ?

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