Coolermaster Mouse Mat Roundup

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CS-X:  A nice mat to use, but far too big to be practical on most desks, though the size is handy in some cases.

CS-M FPS: Whilst the title suggests it is a gaming mat only, the best mat on test today and great for all round use.

CS-M AK/M4: The comfort lets down this otherwise great gaming mat, a softer fabric would likely have helped.

HS-M: If you must have a rigid mat then this is the obvious choice from the batch, but otherwise to be avoided.

CS-S: The size of this mat makes it impractical for any serious use, but may be the only option if space is limited.


Thanks go to Coolermaster for providing us with these mats.

This review was syndicated on tech seed.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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