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This is the first product from VideoMate I’ve reviewed and I’m definitely impressed. Not only is this product a breeze to install, its performance is very good and it works a charm.

Extra features such as the remote allowing you to carry out many tasks and remotely Shut Down and Power On make the product more than just worthwhile.

For someone who’s looking for a TV Card for their HTPC, I’d definitely recommend this product and fortunately it doesn’t break the bank either being priced at only £40.

In terms of faults, I’m struggling. There’s nothing which stands out to immediately annoy or cause me any problems. I guess if I was fussy, it would be nice for the latest drivers to be included instead of having to be downloaded and for an Analogue cable to be included with the card (I had to purchase mine).

But to sum things up, this product is a cracking TV Tuner Card definitely worth the £40.

Pros Cons
Plenty of useful features Analogue cable not included
Good price Latest Software and Drivers not included – need to be downloaded.
Video and Audio quality is impressive  
Recordings and Live Pause is nice  



Thanks go to Compro
for providing us with this card.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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