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When watching TV the software includes a small dock. This dock has common tasks such as change channel, pause, record and change volume but it also has more advance tasks. Many of the advanced features such as schedule are only available to Digital users.

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The window in which the TV screen occupies can be resized, maximised and minimized. When maximised, the dock disappears out of the users’ view which is nice for better viewing.

When right-clicking the TV screen, a number of options are shown for fiddling users.

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As I listen to internet radio and not analogue, I decided not to install ComproFM2 as it would mean more not-needed cabling.

Another piece of software Compro include is ComproDVD 2, this too is quite a useful piece of software allowing you to playback DVD’s (from your Optical Drive). However just like the radio software, I didn’t need this as I use PowerDVD for playing DVD’s.

Another piece of software included which isn’t made by Compro is Ulead’s MovieFactory 4 SE, this works with the ComproDTV3 software allowing you to directly record from digital/analogue TV to DVD. As well as this, the software allows you to carry out common DVD burning and authorizing tasks, as well as customizing videos (adding titles, menus etc). Again I didn’t install it as I use other software for all these tasks and do not want duplicate software on my system.


In terms of video performance I cannot fault this card, all the channels came out in the quality I’m use to with no faults at all.

The Audio was a little disappointing. It was fine but every 15 minutes or so, a hissing noise in the audio could be heard. However after fine tuning the channel with the fault, the problem was sorted.

The remote is definitely a feature I love about the product. With it you can easily shut down your computer (even when not using the software) and also turn on your computer remotely. This is great for users willing to use this TV Card in a HTPC as it means you don’t even need to leave the sofa! Sorted.

The amount of controls also on the remote are also quite extensive with every button you’d ever need being available.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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