Compro VideoMate E650

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Installation and Testing

Test Rig


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.6GHZ


ASUS P5K Premium


Geil Black Dragon (2x 1GB) DDR2 6400

Graphics Card

Zotac 9600GT


Western Digital SE16 500GB


Windows Vista Home Premium SP1


The first step to the installation is to slot the VideoMate E650 Tuner Card into an available PCI-E 1x slot. Most users won’t have a problem with this as there arn’t many cards the use the 1x slot so chances are it’ll be empty. That said, many top end boards come with 2 or 3 PCI-E 1x slots now.

Once in, the front panel power connection needs to be diverted to the JS1 connection on the TV Card. Then the supplied ‘Power Up Patch Cable’ needs to be connected from the JS2 connection on the card to the 2-pin Power connection on the motherboard.

Once all this is done, the actual hardware installation is complete, ready for the software.

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To install the TV Card I followed our VideoMate rep’s advice which was to download the latest driver and software available for the card.

The latest software available for the TV tasks was ComproDTV 3, this downloaded reasonably quickly off Compro’s site and was very simple to setup.

After installing and starting the software, I selected Analogue Antenna as my input source since that’s what I’m using. However other choices were: Digital and Cable (cable being a video source from a DVD player, VCR etc). The software then started scanning for changes which took two minutes or so.

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After the channels were found, a number of duplicates were present. I unpicked the duplicates by selecting the one with the better quality and then moved them to their actual channel number (e.g. BBC to channel one).

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I then wrote a short description of each channel which was available to me. As I’m using analogue and not digital, I unfortunately only had channels 1 – 4 which I’m used to anyway. When my area replaces analogue with digital I should see just as many channels as I do when using a Freeview box. However, I could easily hook up a Freeview box to the TV card and suddenly get many more channels if needs be.

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Instead of diving straight in and sitting in front of my computer for ages watching countless home improvement programs – which seemd to rule out UK television stations – I changed a couple of options. The default settings are fine, but if you want your TV recordings saved in a specified place, you can easily change the location as I did.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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