Compro VideoMate E650

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Compro VideoMate E650


Personal computers have changed somewhat in recent years. As well as the ordinary work related tasks, our PC’s are now becoming central media stations in our homes. With this in mind the popularity of TV Cards being used in systems has also increased. Today I’ll be reviewing the VideoMate E650 a DVB-T and Analogue TV Tuner Card.

About Compro

“Founded in 1988, Compro Technology develops and markets PC graphics and multimedia products. With our highly motivated and experienced engineers, innovation is the main focus at Compro. By combining the latest hardware and software technologies, we can provide high quality products to the rapidly evolving PC market.”


The features for this product are fairly substantial, for this reason please click here to read them.


Compro VideoMate E650


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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