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Synthetic System Benchmarks

PCMark Vantage

PCmark Vantage is Futuremark’s full system benchmark. It takes some of the 3D aspects of 3Dmark, and bundles them with multimedia, music, web browsing, memory tests and others to give you an overall score for your rig’s performance; not just focused on 3D.


SuperPi calculates PI to a certain number of places depending on what you select, and measures how long it takes your CPU to crunch the numbers.

1M: 9.45 seconds
32M: 9 minutes, 0.82 seconds

Lavalys AIDA 64

This is the sequel to Everest, which helps compare different RAM kits by performance. Thanks to the guys over at Lavalys for providing us with an engineer copy.

Latency: 53.5

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Last modified: June 20, 2011

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