Case Modding with AquaTuning and Phobya

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Usually I don’t write articles but reviews. Reviews usually come with a clear conclusion: Buy it, don’t buy it, or buy it if you have ‘this specific need’.

For case modding it’s different, though. There are several reasons to start case modding, but they’re all up to your personal preference and budget. In theory, there’s no end to case modding and trust me, it can become a time and money consuming hobby!

There are great projects all over the internet, including on the AquaTuning forums. Mod product manufacturers and webshops often sponsor casemodders with great skill, as it is the best way to get their name on the street.

If you’re into casemodding and got some great ideas, I would say: Don’t hesitate to buy a sleeving kit and some sleeves and get going!

If you’re more into the pre-sleeved alternatives, that’s great too. In the end you’ll pay a bit more, but save some hours of work on big projects.

A few years ago, you’d show your visitors your beautiful garden. Now it’s time to show them some real art!

List of products used:

Phobya Molex Extractor Kit

Phoby Simple Sleeve Kit 3mm (1/8”) UV blue 2m, incl. Heatshrink 30cm

Phobya Extension 8-pin or EPS12V, UV blue, 30cm

Phobya Extension 24-pin PSU, black, individually sleeved

Phobya Y-cable 3-pin Molex to 4x 3-pin Molex, UV blue, 60cm

Phobya Nano-G Silent Waterproof 1000rpm (140x140x25mm)

A thank you goes out to for supplying the review material, and Phobya for making excellent products!


Last modified: November 9, 2011

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Case Modding with AquaTuning and Phobya

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