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Even with the most recent price reduction, there’s no way I can recommend this product. I don’t where you’d use it, perhaps something to put your laptop away in after usage; but then again, don’t most come with a protective case anyway? One with a handle? If Brenthaven had at least done that I could say it’s not a bad carry case, but it can’t even do that.

Wrap your laptop in cling film and leave it attached to the roll, its more protective than the Brenthaven AND you can carry it around easier.

Pros Cons
Lifetime guarantee No good with thick laptops
Water resistant surface No carry handles
  Weird colour scheme



The guys over at Brenthaven felt that I didn’t quite have this product figured out. With that in mind, they’ve asked me to post the following pointers from them:

  • Our “Brenthaven Elite sleeve” is specifically designed for Apple Mac products however will also fit all similarly sized non apple branded laptops.
  • The “Elite Sleeve” is designed to protect your laptop inside your main bag, backpack or suitcase. It is not designed as a primary form of transportation for your Macbook therefore refrains from hosting additional straps of which may hinder the ease of sliding the sleeve into and out of your main bag/backpack/suitcase. Other Sleeves from the Brenthaven range however are available featuring straps and handles for those who wish for an all-in-one, compact laptop transportation solution.
  • The “Brenthaven Elite sleeve” comes in an array of colour combinations including grey and orange, and thus this range of options is designed to suit all tastes.
  • Due to the “Elite Sleeve’s” intention of being an interior protection system, its waterproofing is not designed to be perfectly sealed. It would not in any normal circumstance be subject to heavy rainfall or water submersion when enclosed within your bag/backpack or suitcase. Other models from the Brenthaven range do however offer an all-in-one solution with superior water resistance protection and designed for primary transportation of your macbook or laptop. The “Elite flap-over” for example is designed so that the join of the flap to the main body of the Sleeve is intentionally extended with additional material to ensure that when closed, the excess material causes a “fold and seal” effect to stop any water seeping through when carrying the case outdoors in the rain.


Thanks go to Brenthaven for providing us with this sleeve.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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